The 7 Paws Pet Sitter

Love and care while you're not there..

Customer Testimonials 2015

"We are delighted with the friendly and reliable service provided by Trish (Patricia - owner of 7 Paws). Our three cats love her and come running up to visit her whenever she walks through the door. We referred Trish to our neighbors and they love her, too."

Bruce, Feb 23rd

"I have used 7 Paws for the past 5 years and I praise the day my fur babies and I discovered Patricia. She has been through 2 of my fur children passing with me and was so incredibly supportive I can't even put it in words. I have a bad little Chihuahua that bites everyone, but not Trish!!!! He LOVES his Auntie Trish. 7 Paws goes above and beyond what is expected, not only with your pet but with your home as well. They are professional and efficient and when they say "Loving care when you're not there", they mean it. The animals come first. I could go on and on with the accolades but I will leave it at this: if you want someone who will love your pets and take care of them as you would in your absence, then the 7 Paws is for you, and your fur babies.." 

Lana, Feb 20th

" I could give you my own personal opinion which is positive, but I do not even need to. Let me give you my dog's opinion as evidenced by his demeanor. I used to use doggy boarding services. Tried a variety of them. Without fail, every time I picked up my little guy, he acted desperate to see me, and like he had been in distress. With Patti watching my dog, he acts like nothing has been different when I get home from a trip. He acts like I had only been gone for a normal work day. That is a huge endorsement from the one who she was watching, I would say. Plus Patti brings in my mail  deliveries so it does not look like I have been away. I highly recommend hiring Patti for your pet sitting needs. Your pet will thank you, and you can sleep a little easier knowing your pet is happy when you are gone." 

Jeremy, Feb 19th

Trish is the absolute best. We have 3 cats, one very senior with health issues. You can trust Trish! We feel so lucky to have found her.
                                                                                                                                      Linda, Oct 07